San Francisco Film “All Men Are Thieves”

by / Monday, 26 August 2013 / Published in Entertainment

Writer/Director Henry Kim has started production on his latest film, “All Men Are Thieves”. This latest project from the ‘No Rest for the Wicked’ and ‘At Dawn They Sleep’ filmmaker stars Lanny Joon (Lucky Bastard, Takers) and a reteam with Fredrick Szkoda (No Rest for the Wicked), and is sponsored by Liquid Nitro Energy.


Filming takes place in San Francisco, on a budget below $10,000, for an intense neo-noir and location-heavy short film. The plan is to use “All Men Are Thieves” as a conceptual short that can be turned into a full-length feature film entitled “The Once and Future King”. The feature adaptation is already written, and preparing to leap into production sometime next year.


All Men are Thieves is a stylish modern-day film noir set in the heart of San Francisco on a fictional night in the city that is the longest and darkest of the year. It is on this night that the brotherhood between two career criminals are tested to its limit. Vincent, a cautious loner who is conflicted by his family responsibilities finally finds a kindred spirit in Rich, a fast talking career criminal with a secret of his own that threatens to destroy their friendship and test to see if blood is thicker than water.

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